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Custom skincare is a path from a dream through research towards perfect natural skincare - WAV Skincare Custom skincare is a path from a dream through research towards perfect natural skincare - WAV Skincare
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Refuse to be average. Refuse to settle for less.
Be unrepentantly demanding. Claim our own beauty.
Let’s be ourselves and no one else.


Seven. That’s the number of moisturizers Daria had bought and abandoned just in 6 months alone. In years of searching, how many skincare products had she found that actually worked, without causing negative reactions? Zero.

She decided to create her own formula. One with only effective, natural ingredients. No fillers, no nasty petrochemicals and no irritants. She teamed up with PhD Chemist Tatiana, and designer Jenny, who were also committed to the idea that each person deserves skincare made specifically for them.

Together they launched WAV, natural personalized skincare

WAV personalized skincare for sensitive skin



We do skincare differently. No breakouts, redness, sensitivities. No makeup counters. No drama. Just insanely effective skincare, designed to give you your most healthy and beautiful skin.

We don’t design for the average, we design for the individual. WAV is the best skincare you will ever experience because it is custom-made for you. Our online consultation will create your formula in 90 seconds. Is your skin dry, but you still have breakouts? Oily, but lacking elasticity? For each client we analyse dozens of ingredients and choose only the most effective. We make it our mission to create your own, custom tailored skincare products, the ones you look forward to using every day.

Get yours

WAV gives you the freedom to be yourself

We meet you where you are.

At WAV, instead of starting with assumptions, we ask questions.

You don’t have to conform to what pre-made products have to offer.

We create custom-made products that fit your needs and help you to achieve your most healthy, beautiful skin.


First, we learn about your unique skin: characteristics, conditions, and goals. With this understanding, we custom tailor the most effective blend of natural ingredients specifically for you.

We never use anyone else’s formula for you, or limit you to a collection of pre-existing products.



Like having an esthetician mix a blend just for you, we create your custom skincare from start to finish, using only natural and organic ingredients.

Your formulation is only blended after you order, in our Berkeley CA headquarters, so we can vouch for the purity and freshness of each product.

Our story