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WAV Custom Skin Perfecting Night Cream - WAV skincare
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  • My 3 main skin concerns are

    I AM



    Skin type

    How to determine your skin type:
    1. Cleanse your face before bed
    2. Leave your skin bare without adding any other product
    3. In the morning analyse your T-zone and C-zones
    Dry: very low oil production, no visible pores, skin feels tight
    Combination: oily / shiny T-zone, visible pores in T-zone
    Oily: oily / shiny T-zone, and C-zone, visible pores on cheeks
    T-zone - forehead, nose and chin.
    C-zone - cheeks and surrounding T-zone.

    Fine lines & wrinkles

    None: no visible wrinkles
    Some: fine lines around eyes
    Many: wrinkles around eyes, forehead, and mouth


    Elasticity is the skin's ability to bounce back. Loss of elasticity appears as looseness sagging.

    DEHYDRATED SKIN (lacks water)

    Dehydrated skin lacks water, dry skin lacks oil. Dehydrated skin is commonly feels tight, itchy, dull or flaky but can cause excess oil production.
    If you feel like your skin is tight and dry, with an oily layer on top, you probably have dehydrated skin.

    Dark spots & patches

    Skin has some areas of darker discoloration. It may appear as sun/age spots, freckles, dark acne scars or larger uneven darker patches.
    None: skin color is even
    Some: a few dark spots or small patches
    Many: many dark spots, large dark patches

    Enlarged pores

    None: pores are not noticable
    Some: visible pores around nose, a few on cheeks
    Many: visible pores on nose, cheeks, forehead and chin


    None: skin is free of blackheads
    Some: around nose, couple on cheeks
    Many: nose and cheeks, forehead and chin


    Skin easily becomes dry, red, irritated by sun, wind, cold, you tend to avoid soap products or new skin products because of uncomfortable reaction like stinging, itching, burning, scaling, and etc.
    Not at all: skin tends to be resilient, non-reactive
    Somewhat: occasionally skin becomes red / dry / irritated
    Very: skin easily and often becomes red / dry / irritated

    Current amount of acne

    None: no visible blemishes
    Some: blemishes mainly around the nose, forehead and chin
    Many: blemishes all over the face, on nose, forehead and chin, cheeks

    Breakouts from skincare products

    Scent preference

    We do not add fragrance to our products. We use natural, plant derived ingredients, some of which, (essential oils in particular) have noticeable scent, which dissipates significantly within about 10 minutes of application. If you prefer less scent, we are happy to decrease the amount of essential oils in your formulation.

    Absorption preference

    The absorption speed has no effect on efficacy

    Sensitivities and allergies

    Please select any ingredients that you are allergic to or for any reason prefer not to have included in your formula. (E - extract, EO - essential oil, O - carrier oil)

    Your data

    Skin type
    Fine lines & wrinkles
    Dehydrated skin
    Dark spots & patches
    Enlarged pores
    Current amount of acne
You are on your way to your healthiest, glowing skin.

WAV Custom Skin Perfecting Night Cream

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your formula, made exclusively for you
dynamically formulated for your unique skin

Your WAV Overnight Mask boosts cell renewal and rejuvenation. After cleansing, while your face is still damp, scoop a small dollop from your jar, using the flat end of the spoon.

Lightly dab, evenly, across your entire face. Gently pat and smooth mask into your skin with gentle upward motions. Pat your face softly to stimulate circulation.

Maximize the benefits of your overnight mask with a mini-facial massage. Using the round drop-tip of the spoon, make firm (not painful) strokes as shown in the image. One area at a time, beginning with the right cheek, then left cheek, to forehead, then under eyes, and from nose outward.

Do not rinse. Allow mask to penetrate and infuse the effective ingredients, chosen for you, into your skin overnight, for true beauty sleep.

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