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Beauty professional partner program - WAV skincare Beauty professional partner program - WAV skincare
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Add value
to your business

monetarily and professionally

  • Grow your client base
  • Increase revenue
  • Pioneer personalized skincare
  • Co-create professional skincare

Become our partner

Stand out

Be the first to offer truly personalized skincare


No fees, no minimum buys, or inventory stock


Your name or client’s name on the jar. Request new ingredients and formulas.


30% commission including for post-visit sales.

Be the first to offer

custom at-home professional skincare

WAV is

At-home professional skincare

Custom and personalized

Fresh, made-to-order in CA

Natural, clean and effective

We partner with


Make-up artists


Skin care specialists

Co-create professional custom skincare

A unique opportunity to craft personalized skincare for your clients.

They get a product that targets all of their skin needs and goals — with 100% satisfaction guaranteed — and you’ll co-create skin care they can’t find anywhere else.

Become WAV partner

How it works

Easy steps to order custom at-home skincare for each client


During your client’s appointment, complete our online consultation form about the client’s skin condition and goals, or offer clients free samples and discount code to order from home.

2. MADE FRESH in Berkeley

We make your client’s formula fresh in our Berkeley lab and ship for free within 5 days.


Earn 30% commission from both initial and subsequent orders. Direct transfer to your bank or PayPal.

Exceptional results

In salon and at home


Clients need products to use at home that support and maintain the benefits of your services. You provide your clients with guidance and support while WAV addresses their unique needs.

Read reviews

Why it’s different?


Traditional skincare line

No initial investmentPartnership fee + full line purchase
Made freshMade when?
Made individually to orderMass produced
You are a co-creatorYou are just a distributor
Client receives information about chosen ingredientsNo personal information for the client to receive
Packaging is personalized, your client’s name appears on the jarNo personalization
Ingredients chosen for the client’s specific needsFormulas are created for the average
Addresses multiple concernsUsually addresses only one concern
Natural and Organic ingredientsMost contain artificial and chemical ingredients
Option to remove ingredients (if client is allergic, or for preference)Static formula, can not be changed

Grow your client base

Our customers are your clients

Selling effective products, that you’ve had a hand in creating, builds client's trust in you. Repeat business will increase when client return to you for refills, and trust you to help them update their formulas with each season, and other life changes.

We feature you on our website, increasing your exposure to potential clients.


  1. No fee, no minimum buy, no inventory stock
  2. Start immediately
  3. Satisfaction guarantee for your client
  4. Distributed only via beauty professionals

Become WAV partner


It’s very important for every woman to have beautiful, clean and well-groomed skin! I have a problem skin that’s why I always look for something new for my skin. And I was very happy to find Custom Skin Perfecting Night Cream from WAV. I liked the idea that the company creates the creams according your skin concerns! I like the texture, scent and pack of this creams! It looks so unique. It really helped to reduce my pigmentation spots on my face. I use it every night with pleasure and always recommend this cream for my client before their special events!.
Oxana S, Professional Makeup artist and Hairstylist, Irvine, CA WAV Skincare - Instagram. Custom natural skincare designed by you.
For me, as for the make-up artist, healthy, well-groomed skin is very important. Healthy and hydrated skin is the key to success in my work. I always focus on working on healthy skin, without this, even the best quality and beautiful makeup will not look. I am very pleased with the result and skin condition, after using Custom Skin Perfecting Night Cream. In the morning after using the cream, the skin looks rested, fresh and very healthy, even with a lack of sleep, in my case. I am very satisfied with the result and will recommend this product to my friends and clients, both for permanent skin care and as a means for important events.
Eugeniya L, Make-up artist, San Jose, CA WAV Skincare - instagram. Custom natural skincare designed by you.

It’s not just about selling products, but building long-lasting, trust-based relationships, that are beneficial for you and your clients.