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My WAV – my Way to personalized skincare for sensitive skin

WAV Skincare and Aurum Cosmetics in University of Berkeley

Around a year ago I attended a BeautyTechSF event. It is a community of data and mission-driven founders in Beauty&Fashion. I watched the panel with founders of tatcha, brandless and something else, I talked with investors and drank wine, sure:) Yes, also cheeses were amazing, thanks to great host Odile Roujol, ex L’Oréal, CEO Lancôme.

During the panel I was looking at founders, successful young ladies and guys with great ideas and burning eyes. I was watching and thinking, I want be there! I want to sit on the high chair and share the story about my way, my company, my idea, why I do it, what did I learn and who I want to help.

The dream about skincare

At that moment we had an idea and almost ready product, but we even did not launch a company!

I came home and downloaded a photo of the girl giving a talk in front of the audience, I printed it in CVS and hanged on my mood board. Half year later I took it away, because I did not like her shoulders, they showed that she was worried. I removed it from the mood board but forgot to take away from my head  🙂

One year of skincare

One year later I meet a group of beauty enthusiasts calaurumcosmetics from the university of Berkeley and they invited me to give a talk about me, my way, my transition from +10 years full-stack software developer to a founder of skincare company WAV.

Slides are ready, interesting facts are collected, the business blouse and a mountain of excitement are worn.  It is my first presentation about Me, My company in front of the crowd of super smart and motivated students with passion to the beauty industry.

Wav skincare and aurum cosmetics

Excitement about skincare

On my way to the university I remembered that photo. When I arrived I found it on Google and added it to the last slide of my presentation. And only when I showed it I realized that my hair style is almost exactly like on that photo and yes, my shoulders are up because of excitement and worries :)))

The founder's dream about personalized skincare for sensitize skin

Nobody was looking at the phone and I got a lot of cool questions. I baked the cake for them and they gave me flowers 🙂

One more dream came true!

Founder's cake for Aurum Cosmetics

With care about your skin,


Founder of WAV