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Exclusive Spa it Girl Interview with WAV Skincare

Customized skincare includes cream for sensitive skin, tonic and cleanser for sensitive skin. Personalized skincare for mature and acne skin.

Spa it Girl was so intrigued by WAV Skincare that naturally we had to share more about the #GIRLBOSSES behind this amazing futrist skincare brand.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl shared: “I feel like I have never seen anything quite like WAV Skincare before to think that in 2018 you can now fill out an on-line skincare consultation that only takes 3 minutes and from there it formulates what is required to custom made your own natural organic skincare to order is pretty amazing – it’s actually really mind blowing”

“I have seen some pretty cool stuff in my time when it comes to natural organic skincare – but nothing like this ever before – I love how you can customise your own skincare and have your name put on the jar and then sent to you”.

“I can’t wait to watch the WAV Skincare Brand journey unfold and I am immensely excited to be sharing WAV Skincare on Spa it Girl along with their Founders #GIRLBOSS words of wisdom and truly do hope it inspires you to live your own authentic dreams”.

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