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Autumn beauty and skin care tips - temp goes down, sensitivity goes up? - WAV skincare
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Autumn beauty and skin care tips – temp goes down, sensitivity goes up?

Main steps of facial skincare in the autumn

During the transition from one season to the next, in order to look and feel your absolute best, you need to make changes to your wardrobe and workout routine. But it is also important to make necessary adjustments to your autumn skincare and cosmetic products and to make plans for beauty procedures. Let’s take some time to focus on facial skin care in the autumn.

Why is skin so sensitive in the autumn?

Summer was a whirlwind of fun in the sun and much-needed vacations allowing you to rest and return home full of energy. And now autumn is in the air, bringing with it the promise of stunning displays of fall colors and cozy sweaters. But what’s this? You catch a glimpse of your skin in the mirror and feel…panic. Your skin, as if in a flash, has become dry and flaky, with new pigmentation spots and/or redness. How did this happen, and why so suddenly?

Vitamin D

During the summer, you ate a diet rich fruits and vegetables, providing your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. But you also sunbathed more and swam in salty ocean water or chlorinated pool water. All of this neglect toward your skin during the summer will manifest itself, if not immediately, then certainly during the first weeks of the harvest season. In other words, we do indeed reap what we sow.

Even if your summer skincare routine was in line with the basic rules for protection, purification, and moisturization, autumn can quickly bring unpleasant surprises for your skin, with its winds, humidity jumps, and a sharp reduction in sunny days causing a drop in your vitamin D levels.

Wind, sun, and salt water

Wind, sun, and salt water do not have a positive effect on the skin, but their harmful effects can surely be reduced. It is sufficient to use an herbal tonic for cleansing and apply a light moisturizer in the summer, however you should approach your skincare routine more carefully during autumn.

An important note: when saying goodbye to warm summer days, do not immediately discard your cosmetics with protective SPF-filters. An SPF level of 10-15 is highly desirable in your daily facial care regimen, as negative effects resulting from ultraviolet exposure occur in the autumn, spring, and winter – not just during the summer.


Caused by sharp changes in temperature during autumn, stronger winds dehydrate the skin, which is simply not prepared for such weather. During the summer, your skin was able to replenish its vitamin and amino acid balance, thanks to your active intake of vitamins (hello, fruits). But it is nowhere near as easy to consume a diet high in fresh fruits from the middle of autumn on. In addition, you are forced to contend with the effects of indoor heating drying out the air and your skin receiving less moisture from the surrounding environment.

WAV night cream is designed to nourish the deep layers of the epidermis to compensate for loss of moisture

Four steps of facial skincare in the autumn

1. Moisturization and nourishment

The main rules of autumnal skincare are moisturization and regeneration. A nutrient-rich day cream is a perfect fall alternative to the lightweight moisturizer you used during the summer. And don’t forget about the importance of night cream! Night cream perfectly restores the hydro-lipid film; namely, it is responsible for protecting the skin at low temperatures. For example, WAV night cream is designed to nourish the deep layers of the epidermis to compensate for loss of moisture.

2. Sun protection

Solar activity in the fall is at lower levels than in the summer, so it is important to remember that while you can safely reduce the degree of protection from ultraviolet rays in your skincare products, you cannot completely forget about it. We recommend always using creams with SPF if your skin is prone to pigmentation; you can reduce the protection factor to 10-15 in September or October, depending on your climate, whereas the protection factor should be 20-30 in the summer.

3. Exfoliation

It is also very useful to add scrub exfoliation and gommages to your skincare routine in the fall, as these procedures will help you avoid a dull and gray complexion once your radiant glow from summer sun exposure fades. Evenings are the preferred time for deep cleansing and the use of exfoliating scrubs; if you must deep cleans and scrub exfoliate during the day, it is important to do so at least an hour before leaving home. Otherwise, the freshly revealed and tender “new” skin will sustain stress from contact with the cold autumnal air and will suffer even more.

Autumn is also the perfect time to start deeper cleansing and exfoliating programs, such as peels and scrubs, which should be avoided in the summer. The fact is that such aggressive skincare programs can provoke pigmentation and other undesired consequences when the skin is exposed to the higher levels of solar activity during the summer.

At the same time, if you have dry or sensitive skin, deeper cleansing and exfoliating programs should not be done more than once a month. It is sufficient to perform these procedures once every ten days if you have normal or combination skin, or once a week if you have oily skin.

4 Cleansing

You need to be more cautious with the means of purification you choose during autumn. If your skin does not have an increased sensitivity, the entire spectrum of cleansers – from micellar water to gels – will do. For those of you with sensitive skin, it is recommend to look at mousses and foam cleansers, as their gentle and light textures will help you avoid uncomfortable sensations.

Cleansing should be gentle, even if you have oily skin. If your cleansing gel works too harshly or contains hard exfoliating particles, your skin will attempt to protect itself with increased sebum secretions, which will only cause your oily skin to become even oilier.

In addition, autumn weather can aggravate acne. Usually the inflammation aggravation occurs one and a half months after the end of the solar season. The beginning of fall is the optimal time for treatments to prevent acne.

WAV Spa salon and custom skincare

Salon procedures for facial skin in the fall

Cosmetologists collectively advise their clients to give preference to facial treatments that utilize technological advances in skincare hardware during the fall. Phonophoresis, iontophoresis, microcurrent therapy, and ultrasonic face cleansing are examples of procedures that are especially important for your skin; these procedures will help restore your skin and prepare it for the upcoming colder weather.

To rejuvenate skin areas with dead cells, you can also take advantage of gentle peeling treatments. The cosmetologist can return a radiant glow to your skin with a special facial massage. It is also possible to create a mask from a series of professional cosmetic products that produces the beneficial effects of a sauna. It will help to remove harmful toxins from your skin and saturate it with useful micro-elements. The use of such “Sauna Masks” will produce fresh and rejuvenated skin without exposing your body to elevated temperatures, which can be harmful for some.

Scheduling a fall visit to a cosmetologist can be extremely useful, even if it is a simple consultation. Choose a beauty salon with a good reputation and a cosmetologist with a lot of experience and a lot of positive feedback. The specialist will help you assess the condition of your skin and will give you advice on both salon procedures and the application of herbal remedies.

Autumn and natural skincare

Autumn and natural skincare

  1. A water-based tonic cleanser is more tolerated by your skin. Calming ingredients such as chamomile and rose water would be a wonderful bonus.
  2. An exfoliant with small particles that gently remove dead skin cells is more preferable to a chemical exfoliant. Be sure to look for scrubs containing natural oils, aloe, or oatmeal extract.
  3. In the autumn, our body’s natural reserves are depleted and the water balance of the skin is disturbed. To prevent dryness and peeling, you should pay special attention to moisturization. Natural oils (olive, coconut, argan, jojoba) will serve as excellent solutions that will restore your skin’s elasticity and healthy appearance.
  4. WAV custom-made night cream which combines natural oils, extracts, essences, and other active ingredients to help your skin glow during the fall.
  5. Changing conditions during autumn can also cause the skin on your body to become dry, itchy, and flaky. You should take care of the skin on your body with natural creams and lotions which use carrier oils and natural extracts.

It is during the autumn season that the skin experiences increased stress from wildly fluctuating conditions, and taking these environmental challenges into consideration, care of the skin during the fall should be done with careful attention and planning.

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