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$15 per sale - best beauty Ambassador Affiliate program - WAV skincare
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You love sharing your knowledge and insights into healthy & beautiful lifestyle?

We invite you to join our team! Become an affiliate Beauty Brand Ambassador.

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WAV skincare brand ambassador program. Earn $15 as influencers


  • EARN $15 for every new client full-size product checkout you drive
  • Get FREE samples
  • Access to FREE products
  • Exclusive information and product sneak peeks to share
  • Exclusive offers and promotions


  • JOIN Fill out your information and wait for approval
  • SHARE Create or use provided content to share with your audience
  • EARN Earn $$ with each new sale
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What is WAV Beauty Ambassador Program?

The WAV Beauty Ambassador Program is a great way to generate revenue by selling our skincare products on your website or social media channels. Simply place promotional links, that we provide you, on your site or social media channels. When a customer or visitor to your site clicks on one of our links and makes a purchase of any WAV Skincare product, you earn $15 on each generated sale.

We provide you with the easy-to-use tools to set up, manage and monitor your links. We pay on a regular monthly schedule. We also make it easy for your customers to buy our products so you can earn the $15 referral fee. And, of course, we take care of all the fulfillment details. That means virtually NO overhead costs to you!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular form of doing business online and can be a very profitable.

A company that wants to have access to a wider base of customers and buyers can partner with an affiliate. An affiliate partner can be the owner of several websites, social channels or manage a list of email addresses for sending advertising letters. The affiliate will promote products that are offered by the company into their own network. They can achieve this by embedding banners, text ads and / or links on their sites, or by sending e-mails to their customers. Advertising can be presented in the form of articles, videos, images, etc., which are used to attract the attention of the audience to the service or product.

A visitor who clicks on one of the links or ads will be redirected to the business’s online store. If he/she finishes the purchase of a product or service, the affiliate receives an agreed commission.

Beauty brand ambassador role

The role of a brand ambassador is to

  1. represent the brand on her/his channels,
  2. educate readers and followers about the why this brand is special
  3. share the values and missions of the brand. The brand wants to be proud of it’s ambassadors and at the same time ambassador proud to be connected with the brand.

Brand ambassadors play an important role for companies because they act like a small army of soldiers who fight to conquer the competitive world of business. While the ambassadors are paid for blogging and making YouTube videos, the customer price does not change as a result. Even better, products promoted by affiliates usually drop in price.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador takes ownership of the brand through representation and word of mouth. Usually, the ambassador also shares the values of the brand. The company aims to increase brand awareness with publicity and exposure to a larger public. It is also valuable to have enthusiast supporters to be part of the brand instead of high profile celebrities who may not share the same vision.

For brand ambassadors its prestigious and cool to be part of the brand. Your help makes big things happen. The beauty affiliate program helps you to earn money with blogging, posting on Instagram or promoting using other online channels.

It is fun and does not take lots of time.

The best affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is very popular because it is, in theory, very easy to initiate. Choose a product, start promotion and earn a commission when someone buys. What could be simpler than that?

When we wanted to create our affiliate program we looked in detail at the best affiliate programs, what they offer and how they are operated. And this is what we found: the best affiliate programs offer:

  • Good % from sale
  • Provide materials and information to share with followers
  • Does not require you to buy products to become affiliate
  • No multi-level marketing (MLM)
  • Offers free products and inside-information from the company
  • The brand ambassador program has a meaningful mission and vision
  • Company hosts its own affiliate network (without third party involvement)

The last point is especially important, instead of paying a network host, we pay higher % to our affiliates.

We built our program based on these values because we want to invest our time and effort into something more meaningful for us and for our ambassadors.

The secret to successful affiliate program

Many people who start with affiliate marketing just run around the Internet, distributing their affiliate links in forums, and pay for advertising on Google. They spend a lot of time and money, almost without paying attention to efficiency. This often leads to their disappointment and failure within a few months.

You do not need to be a marketing genius or guru to succeed in affiliate marketing. But the most important aspect behind the secret of success is the ability and desire to learn. Learning takes time and, knowing yourself and your background knowledge. Your next step will be determining whether you want to make this investment in time to build a successful online business.

The secret to successful affiliate marketing is not only finding the right marketing strategies, but also the right product sweep. The time and effort you put into your marketing strategies will be the same regardless of the promotion of a cheap or expensive product. The main difference will be the commission that you receive from the sale.

Therefore, choosing only cheap products is not the best strategy, since your commission will be so low that you need to sell five hundred products or more each month to earn a living!

In addition, you must choose products that are related to each other, but with a higher price. The reason for this is quite simple. People who buy any product are more likely to buy a related and more expensive product later if it can offer them a chance to achieve better and faster results.

If you made a list of your building wisely, now you have sold 2 products to one customer, and your second commission should be significantly higher than from the first sale!

The third part of the secret, you should start to work with your followers by offering them something of value for free: For example, information about how to care for their skin, skincare tips, etc… This works to build engagement and a loyal mass of stakeholders and potential customers, which can later be turned into customers.

The last part of the secret is a recurring sale commission. At least some of the products you are promoting should offer recurring commissions. This means that you put in an attempt once, but the commissions continue to arrive at regular intervals (those weekly, monthly).

Brand ambassador opportunities

Affiliate marketing is a tool to increase sales, which is a win-win solution for the seller and a partner-affiliate. It is also beneficial for the end customer because affiliates often provide discounts for featured products.

There are plenty of brand ambassador opportunities, for example you can register in the platform marketplace where companies post their offers and look for affiliates. This may not be the most efficient way, as you will need to compete in one place, with many different bloggers and influencers.

Another option is to apply personally to the affiliate program listed on the company’s website. In this case you will get personal attention and higher chance of being accepted.

The compensation offered and money you can earn promoting the product vary a lot but usually do not go over 10-15% of the sale. Companies might send samples or free product for an affiliate. We offer free full-size product after 5 generated sales and $15 for each full-size generated sale.

Can you make money blogging?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for bloggers to make money. Compare to promoted posts with single payment, affiliate marketing creates ongoing revenue streams and potentially generate higher earnings. For example, if your blog is growing and you get publicity and more readers, the affiliate links will continue making money from blog.

Companies love bloggers because the links left posted in blogs are considered by search engines to be backlinks from trustable sources. With help of bloggers businesses get higher trust ratings by Google and Bing. Also, the bloggers usually provide very complete reviews with many details. The blogger can decide to become a brand ambassador when he/she shares the values and mission of the company.

When bloggers decide to become affiliates of a selected company they will make use text links, buttons, or banners provided by the company on their blog. These links will lead readers to the company’s website. When the purchase is recorded, the affiliate will receive agreed compensation. You can get paid to blog by applying for our Ambassador program.

It’s important to mention, that the sales price does not increase. In fact, the opposite is often true: customers can benefit by purchasing from affiliates, since affiliates often offer discounts.

It’s win-win-win triangle for the business, blogger and reader.

Affiliate program and Instagram

Instagram is the best platform for brand awareness. Right now it covers all demographics and interests which allows companies to reach any customer niche.

The Instagram is also the most visual and emotion driven platform. Imagine, you scroll your feed and see beautiful setting of a gorgeous, personalized jar of night cream on a white marble table close to the book and latest iPhone, which emotions do you get? It’s elegant, it’s stylish, it’s expensive, and you glance at the brand name. Next time you will see the same brand in the feed of your favorite beauty influencer you will already recognize it. After several times you will remember the brand, its style and type of people who uses it.

Now you know the brand, it has entered your life and become part of your beauty world. And brand ambassadors and beauty affiliates play a great role in this process.

If you want become beauty ambassador you can make money by providing discounts to your followers. Discounts will be linked to your affiliate profile and the sales will be registered. You can also add your affiliate link to your bio and refer to it in posts about the brand.

Beauty affiliate and YouTube

YouTube is an amazing platform to present product benefits and share complete product experiences. Brand ambassadors can present several products in haul video or make a review post of about a companies and products. Also, unpacking videos usually are liked by many followers. While the channel is growing, the video is getting more views and continues to generates sales.

If you don’t want to be associated with just one company you can still be a part of affiliate network and use affiliate links to earn money with YouTube.

Brand ambassador and Facebook

How to make money in Facebook?

Facebook is all about conversation and information, details and opinion. Once a week you can share interesting information about the company and product add different picture, share your personal opinion about it. You can talk about the brand’s mission an values. Your readers will become engaged and love stories you share.

Facebook and Instagram can be used for more frequent posts than other channels. Facebook can be a main channel of a brand ambassador, or one of several, to make sales with affiliate links.

How to become a beauty affiliate and brand ambassador?

Becoming a brand ambassador and joining an affiliate program is super simple and fast. Fill in the registration form on this page and wait for an approval email, which takes usually a couple of hours. Once approved, you can start immediately!

We would be happy to see you on our team!