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Natural custom skincare for sensitive skin - WAV skincare Natural custom skincare for sensitive skin - WAV skincare
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All-in-one and yours alone

Fresh = Potent

Effectiveness is highly dependent on the freshness of ingredients. WAV products are made-to-order from fresh bioactive botanicals and have a 3-month shelf life.

Max % Concentration

Your personal formula contains maximum concentrations of active ingredients in order to achieve maximum results.

Gentle & Pure

Only plant-derived & organic ingredients.
NO parabens, phthalates, SLS, sulfates, silicones, formaldehydes, petrochemicals, EDTA, synthetic fragrances.

My skin felt great immediately after use, skin looked hydrated and glowy, i noticed a difference in appearance right away. My skin looked fresh, pretty, younger.
Danielle, CA

How it works


We diagnose your skin needs and concerns through an online skin assessment.


We curate a blend of the most valuable ingredients for your skin.


You get exceptional, personalized results.


  • Choose your ingredients
  • No synthetic allergens
  • Pamper yourself everyday

From clients with sensitive skin

I really like the consistency, it is light (almost fluffy) but is still very nourishing and feels great on my skin. I also liked the light lavender scent. I have very sensitive skin and have not had any reaction to the cream.
Skin feels soft and well hydrated! I have an autoimmune disease and some eczema and this has not bothered my skin so far.
I've used the blend three or four times so far. Immediately after application my skin feels a little warm, almost like a slight burn-I actually got a little nervous after the first time, as I have had terrible allergic reactions to facial creams in the past. However, I found the feel of my skin in the morning to be very soft, smooth and pleasant, and no allergic reaction to speak of! (yay!)
I like the product! It did not cause any redness which is great as I have very sensitive dry skin.

Trusted and loved by clients

Windy Days lip balm

My lips are usually dry and sensitive no matter the season. Regular chapsticks do not help and bring only temporary relief, some even make things worse. I found some ointment balms based on oils that heal my lips but they look so greasy and smear all around so I can use them only at bedtime when no one is watching) I am a guy so my lip balm has to be unnoticeable. Windy Days is absolutely invisible and I can apply it even when I’m out without looking like I… “Windy Days lip balm”

Slava T.
<20, Dry

Soft and healthy skin

I love my cream) it goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly. No sticky residue and the scent is almost non-existent. The skin feels well hydrated and nourished. My pores are smaller and the skin tone is more even. I love that my face is not greasy in the morning, which is a good sign if you have combination skin. I’m glad to know this product is pure, natural and created with my unique skin in mind.

Combination, Dehydration, Enlarged pores, Wrinkles

My skin felt more freshness and moisture since the very first use.

I really like how moist my skin feels. Usually overnight creams wipe off of my face very easily, which is not the case with WAV mask. 

30s, Combination, Dehydration, Sensitive skin, Wrinkles

Love fatty acids!

My skin is less dry in the morning and blackheads are minimal.

30s, Blackheads, Enlarged pores, Oily, Sensitive skin

Recommended by professionals

It’s very important for every woman to have beautiful, clean and well-groomed skin! I have a problem skin that’s why I always look for something new for my skin. And I was very happy to find Custom Skin Perfecting Night Cream from WAV. I liked the idea that the company creates the creams according your skin concerns! I like the texture, scent and pack of this creams! It looks so unique. It really helped to reduce my pigmentation spots on my face. I use it every night with pleasure and always recommend this cream for my client before their special events!.
Oxana S, Professional Makeup artist and Hairstylist, Irvine, CA WAV Skincare - Instagram. Custom natural skincare designed by you.
For me, as for the make-up artist, healthy, well-groomed skin is very important. Healthy and hydrated skin is the key to success in my work. I always focus on working on healthy skin, without this, even the best quality and beautiful makeup will not look. I am very pleased with the result and skin condition, after using Custom Skin Perfecting Night Cream. In the morning after using the cream, the skin looks rested, fresh and very healthy, even with a lack of sleep, in my case. I am very satisfied with the result and will recommend this product to my friends and clients, both for permanent skin care and as a means for important events.
Eugeniya L, Make-up artist, San Jose, CA WAV Skincare - instagram. Custom natural skincare designed by you.

What is in your unique formula?


Founded by women who care